Canadian Christmas!

Snowy Cabin

My partner and I needed to get away after these past 4 grueling months of healing, pain and suffering following the hit and run.  We rented a cabin deep in the Canadian Rockies, and have been living in bliss for almost a week.  The solitude is just what we needed, and the raw beauty of nature always manages to ground us, and remind us of just how lucky we are to be living on this glorious planet.  I am so grateful to have survived and be able to enjoy the beauty of the Earth.

A few hours ago, I sat in a fluffy snow bank watching the fire in the sky at the close of the day.  It was stunning and dramatic.  The light bounced off the mountains behind me, and all around the landscape there were whipped, pink clouds above the tall Evergreens.  It was completely silent all around me-the type of deep silence that you can feel heavy in your ears.  Occasionally a crow or two would fly over head, and break the silence with a gentle “whish, whish, whish,” sound as they beat their wings above.

My soul has soared with excitement, and also felt the blissful stillness that it so deeply desired after so many months of chaos.  I hope that when I return to my home, I can hold the pristine solitude of the mountains within my soul.

Thank you, Canada. Thank you, Nature.  Thank you, Mother Earth.


2 thoughts on “Canadian Christmas!

  1. Hi “Anonymous”, thanks for introducing yourself by following our site. We look forward to exploring yours. We completely understand the healing quality of nature and how we’re drawn to it–you may enjoy this post of ours on this very subject:
    if you’re on facebook we also invite you to visit the RAXA Collective page to see what else we’re up to. See you there!

    • Yes! Thank you. I really enjoyed that post. Especially this part: “we respond to nature. It speaks to us in a language from time immemorial.” Very well worded. I appreciate you sharing this, and enjoy following your blog very much!


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